Why online shopping is better than going in crowded places or markets in the city like Mumbai.

Hope guys you and your family is safe in covid 19. My Best wishes to you and to your family.
Now a days considerting the situation of covid 19 its better to shop online rather than going public places. Public places like shopping malls, Bazaars, Markets etc. If we look into for mumbai crowded place many markets in mumbai are fully occupied with Public. But if we consider covid 19 situation its better to shop online and pay few rupees more.Now we think why we pay more if we are getting discounts on Public Places logical question comes into our mind.

But if we consider the situation like covid 19 we are taking risk too much by visiting public places.Suppose if we save 50% on a particular product which you want to buy still we are on a loss side.Again question comes to your mind how? Good question suppose if we interact with covid 19 patient in market then assume how much we need to spent on our health in hospitals even not on our health our family affect from us. So calculate the discount what you got 50 % is worth or not you will get the answer.

I dont want to create panic but i want to say we should take precautions on higher side, If we decided to buy from crowded places.So decision is ours what we want to do we should go for online shopping or we should go for crowded markets.Well guys if you feel you want to buy or shop online one of the best book is here please find the link following :- Buy on Amazon India