What Is Your Normal Oxygen Level ?
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Topic : What is your normal Oxygen Level ?

Blood needs oxygen to process. Blood vessels (the capillaries) sit outside of the organs and the capillaries can have as much as 12-15% of blood actually sitting outside the organ itself. So blood is distributed over the organs. The lungs are the main distribution point for oxygen.

But remember blood is full of oxygen anyway. So what is your normal oxygen level? Most adults and even some infants have a normal normal oxygen level of 4-8%. So when you are fatigued you probably have a much lower oxygen level, which is why most people feel foggy and tired.

If you are feeling absolutely exhausted (hyperventilating and having trouble catching your breath), then you may have a much higher oxygen level, which is often referred to as oxygen starvation or hyperventilation. So there really isn’t any normal, although everyone can be much more tired than normal after going for a big run.

More About Oxygen

I don’t have time for your questions. Okay. Then let’s learn more about oxygen. Here are some books and videos you can learn more about it:

What Is Your Normal Oxygen Level?

You can find out more about oxygen, as well as take a quick test to see if you are oxygen-deficient by clicking here.

The Good, The Bad, and The Better

Now back to some basics about oxygen and how it works.

We are so used to our modern society and so much oxygen that we have forgotten the importance of oxygen. When our bodies are deprived of oxygen for a period of time, it can have a drastic effect on our health. Here are the three different kinds of oxygen, which can come from different sources:

Oxygen Found In The Air That Comes Out Of The Turbine

Oxygen has to be pumped into a gas tank.

From that gas tank, it will go into our breathing tanks.

We have breathing tubes (capillaries) inside our lungs.

When our lungs breathe, blood flow enters the capillaries and oxygen is absorbed and distributed through our blood.

Oxygen Found In Your Body That Comes Out Of Your Lungs

Here’s how you can find out your lung’s oxygen content:

Watch your breathing rate (the time it takes for your lungs to breathe in and out.)

If your breathing rate is less than 90 seconds, you probably have a very low oxygen level.

If your breathing rate is more than 90 seconds you may have a very high oxygen level.

Oxygen Found In Your Body That Comes Out Of Your Breath

Here’s how to figure out your breathing rate:

Make a note of how long it takes for your lungs to take in breath.

You should be able to count your breaths without stopping or stopping the watch.

If your breathing rate is more than 120 seconds, then you likely have a normal oxygen level.

If your breathing rate is less than 120 seconds, then you likely have an abnormal breathing rate.

It might sound easy to check your breathing rate, but most of us have trouble doing it for sure. It takes effort to stop the watch and count your breaths.

Usually, you might make a mistake and forget to stop the watch or you might think you stopped it when you actually didn’t. That’s why it’s a good idea to do this step by step, to be more careful.

Finding Your VO2 Max & How To Use It To Help You Lose Weight

Here’s how to find out your VO2 max.

After that you can use the VO2 max test as a way to figure out the amount of oxygen your body can use. This is helpful because many people have a lower VO2 max and they may have trouble losing weight or trying to lose weight.

Most people have a VO2 max of 100-120ml/min/lb (normal adult) and a normal resting rate of 60-75 breaths per minute.

Once you find out your normal breathing rate, you can use that to figure out your normal oxygen level. If you have a higher breathing rate and your normal oxygen level is lower, then you should go to the doctor to get your oxygen checked.

Finding Your Normal Oxygen Level And How To Use It To Achieve A Healthy Weight

If you are low on oxygen, you have two options. One option is to drink oxygen and eat more oxygen rich foods. If your oxygen level is low, then you can make sure that you get enough oxygen.

Option 2 is to do some exercise that increases your oxygen level. This is called cardio and includes all kinds of exercise. The basic idea is to get the oxygen back into your lungs and to exercise your lungs and make them more oxygenated so that you can breathe more easily.

Here are some reasons why you can lose weight using the oxygen method:

Oxygen and other nutrients make it easier for your body to burn fat.

Eating more oxygen-rich foods will make it easier for your body to burn fat.

The more oxygen your body has, the more calories it will use to breathe.

The more calories your body uses, the more fat will be burned.

The more calories your body burns, the more weight you lose.

This is how you can lose weight using the oxygen method:

You should use the oxygen method if you find yourself really tired. Your body gets tired when it needs more oxygen. Your oxygen level is low and you need to use oxygen to breath.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you probably need to take in more oxygen to get a higher oxygen level.

You might also be low on oxygen if you haven’t been getting enough exercise. This can happen if you take a break from exercising or you haven’t been exercising in awhile.

If you take some oxygen to the doctor, he can check your breathing rate and oxygen saturation.

In the doctor’s office you can also get oxygen bottles and take oxygen to the hospital.

Find More Tips For Losing Weight With The Oxygen Method

There are a lot of reasons why you can lose weight with the oxygen method. Here are a few more:

Oxygen helps your body use fat. If your body doesn’t use fat, it will accumulate fat.

Cardio works by making your body use oxygen more and your body burns more calories because you are using oxygen to breathe.

Using the oxygen method to lose weight makes it easier to stop eating when you feel full.

The oxygen method helps you lose weight while not eating any sugar.

You can use the oxygen method while you’re at the gym.

Oxygen is the way your body uses oxygen to burn fat. It’s important to know how your body uses oxygen because the oxygen method helps you lose weight while you’re burning fat.

The oxygen method helps you burn more calories by allowing your body to use fat as fuel.

You don’t have to do cardio. You can do any type of exercise that works on your muscles and makes you sweat.

The oxygen method helps you lose weight while you’re exercising.