Best Samsung Galaxy M52 5G in India 2021

Unleashing the Power of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5g

samsung galaxy m52 5g

  • Triple camera setup-64MP (F 1.8) main camera + 12MP (F2.2) Ultra wide camera+ 5MP (F2.4) depth camera 32MP (F2.2) front camera
  • 16.95 centimeters (6.7-inch) Super AMOLED Plus- Infinity O display, FHD+ resolution 1080 x 2400 (FHD+) pixels protected by Gorilla Glass 5
  • Qualcomm SDM 778G Octa Core 2.4GHz,1.8GHz Processor with the 11 band support for a True 5G experience
  • Monster 5000 mAh Battery | Memory, Storage & SIM: 8GB RAM | 128GB internal memory expandable up to 1TB| SIM 1 + Hybrid (SIM or MicroSD)
  • Android v11.0, One UI 3.1 operating system, 5000mAH lithium-ion battery, 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase

The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G makes for a great mid-budget smartphone in India. It comes loaded with the same technology found in its higher-end counterparts – the Exynos and the Motorola Reflex. However, the M52 has been given a subtle facelift and is more attractive than its predecessors.

The Samsung Galaxy M52 comes with a smooth and colorful back panel, similar to the ones used on the iPhone and BlackBerry phones. One prominent feature of this handset is the physical home button, which is located on the right side of the phone’s power key.

This button can be easily pressed while the phone is still connected to a service provider. In this manner, one can directly connect to their network without having to use their SIM cards or make use of any other external connectivity options. The phone also features an ample internal storage which is expandable through micro SD card.

The Samsung Galaxy M52 features an eight mega-pin power button which is surrounded by a stylish and large capacitive navigation key. The fingerprint sensor has been placed right on the home key, so you won’t have to dig deep into your pocket to find it.

An easy-to-find volume control button and an easiness in accessing the Samsung Galaxy M52’s dialpad are other salient features present in this smartphone. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has a unique dual-mode capability where one can switch between the standard mobile messaging features and the high definition video recording and playback capabilities.

At face value, the Samsung Galaxy M52 may appear as a mid-range smartphone but it packs a punch. Being manufactured in India, it comes at a price that is extremely reasonable when compared to other mid-range smartphones available in the market.

With a unique dual-mode capability, the Samsung Galaxy M52 has set itself apart from other smartphone devices. Users can record their own videos using the built-in camera or they can also enjoy watching videos being uploaded by their friends via social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, etc.

One of the unique features present in this smartphone is the presence of a physical keypad which functions as the home button on the device. Apart from the home key, this physical keypad has a round and soft touch keyboard which can be used for inputting text and other data.

To get more familiar with this feature, the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G comes equipped with a pre-installed Quickoffice software which allows the users to import documents, edit and share them using the built-in office application. This innovative feature further gives an added boost to the capabilities of this Samsung smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy M52 comes loaded with features that are perfect for ensuring extreme power saving capabilities, allowing the users to get up to two weeks of battery life.

In addition, the phone comes with features such as a blazing fast web performance, high quality video playback and superior photo quality. Users can also download their favorite apps directly to their Samsung Galaxy M52 5G or have them automatically installed on to the phone.

The handset comes with a unique anti-slip screen cover which also helps in reducing the stress levels of the users. Apart from all the impressive features, the Samsung Galaxy M52 has an impressive array of user-friendly options to help users save time and increase productivity.

Best Selling Smartphones – Galaxy M52 Review

Samsung’s latest handset the Samsung M52 has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a business professional who works from home. This mobile phone features a large keyboard with large space to accommodate the complete touch input and other facilities that come along with it.

samsung galaxy m52 5g full specifications

The phone comes with features like an infrared sensor, which is used for transferring information directly from the device to the recipient’s PC or laptop. A high definition camera with image stabilization is also present in this handsets so that one can enjoy excellent pictures even in low light situations.

One such popular feature in the Samsung M52 5G is its built-in Bluetooth adapter, which enables you to transfer your calls through bluetooth to your mobile phone without the need for any extra plug or accessory.

The Bluetooth technology has been greatly improved over the life of telephones. This feature helps you to transfer files, play online games and enjoy your music collection wirelessly.

To make your Bluetooth experience better, it is recommended that you install the Samsung Bluetooth driver installed on your computer along with your phone.

This new software update will help your phone to recognize all the devices that are paired with it and also to function properly and ensure smooth communication.

Another major reason behind the success of the Samsung M52 series is its excellent user Interface, which was further enhanced by the launching of the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note series. However, this latest handset which comes with the Samsung galaxy m52 5g still manages to retain its user-friendly and simple appeal.

This touch screen mobile phone comes with a single Home button and two customizable buttons which can be pressed in order to bring up the menu and the main features.

The large keyboard has been designed so as to provide users with ease of navigation and typing. Other than the usual facilities like dialing and sending SMS, this smartphone comes with some other features as well like an advanced memory, fast internet access, voice dialing, video calling, MMS and a lot more.

The Samsung Galaxy M52 Full Specifications And Features

Samsung Galaxy S is one of the best mobile devices launched by the South Korean electronics giant and it has thus become a popular gadget among all age groups across all countries.

It has an advanced technology, features and applications that makes it different from all other phones in the market. It is a high end gadget that comes with a sophisticated user interface that has made it very easy for people to use it. Though, the device is priced a little high but its features and applications are worth the price that it comes with.

Samsung Galaxy S comes with an exquisite design and the hardware of the gadget is enhanced with the inclusion of the 2.2 Ghz processor that works very efficiently to allow smooth multitasking.

It has also got a powerful Adreno processor that gives the device a fantastic gaming experience. With a 5g fast mobile network support and the GPRS connectivity, Samsung Galaxy S has proved to be a boon for the working people as it can be used anywhere and at whatever time and the ease of use has made it all the more popular.

This device is one of the first handsets to feature a quad core processor so that it can perform well even under heavy workloads and stress. In addition to this, it also has a rich variety of apps pre installed in it so that the users do not have to look around to get the required apps.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S has a great memory which stores all the user data without any problem and at the same time it gives adequate storage space for the pictures and videos that the user wants to keep in the mobile memory.

All these features together have made the Samsung Galaxy S one of the most sought after gadgets in the market along with the excellent performance and the attractive looks that it comes with makes it one of the most demanded mobiles in the market along with its unbeatable prices which are extremely low compared to other phones of the same specifications.

Get Your Free Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy M52 Specifications

According to the Samsung Poland website, Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has been launched in the markets in several countries including Europe, Latin America, Russia, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

The mobile was introduced in the markets after several months of testing in various countries including UK, where it was accepted very well. The Samsung Galaxy M52 offers users several features and applications, but certain problems and bugs are reported with the device.

Some of the common bugs reported include random reboots, the text messages not showing up, unstable operation, slow performance, unexpected shutdown, the boot speed is greatly reduced when installing some applications, the camera does not open in some instances, and many more.

To overcome these, Samsung Galaxy M52 users are requested to use the software update software which comes free of charge with the mobile. Using this update software will automatically update the software of your Samsung Galaxy M52 so that you can enjoy the uninterrupted benefits of your Samsung Galaxy M52.

The Samsung Galaxy S is currently the fastest selling smartphone and many Samsung Galaxy S owners are waiting for the release of the new version of the handset. In order to obtain the latest Samsung Galaxy S Jellybean or the Samsung Galaxy S Blackberry here is a quick way to check the Samsung Galaxy S specifications.

Thanks to the web, we are able to access the Samsung Galaxy S Blackberry and Galaxy S M52 specifications and get our hands on one of the best smartphones available in this extremely competitive mobile world.

By checking the Samsung Galaxy S Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy S M52 specifications, we are in a position to know the various features of the two smartphones.

The first thing that we would like to tell you is that the Samsung Galaxy S Blackberry has an extremely impressive list of features, which includes Super AMOLED Display, Extreme Battery Power, USB Auto Connect, Quick Panel, Gesture Control, Browser based multitasking, Windows Mobile Power Capability.

Full QWERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile Characteristic Set, TFT Digital Keyboard, Dumping Bank of SMS text, Data Transfer, Exchange External Storage, Email client, Windows Live Tile, Bluetooth, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth Low Energy, Dual Shot Video cam, Video Playback, Document Viewer, and Microsoft Office. These all features together make the Samsung Galaxy S Blackberry the best smartphones available in this extremely booming market.