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Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro Price in India 2022

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro Price in India Series Are Worth the Extra Money?

The new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro series has a few noteworthy features. From an Eco-conscious material to an enterprise grade security system, it has all the things you need to make the ultimate business machine. Read on to learn more. The new notebooks also offer a 15.6-inch display, an impressive Super AMOLED display, and an Intel 12th generation P-series processor. But which ones are worth the extra money?

Super AMOLED display

The Galaxy Book2 Pro is the first ultraportable laptop from Samsung with a full HD display. This high-resolution display provides a cinematic experience and is easy on the eyes. Its Wi-Fi 6E technology provides super-fast data speeds. In addition, it features an extra 6GHz band for enhanced connectivity. It also offers the option of 5G cellular connection on 15.6-inch models. It has enterprise-grade security. Samsung has partnered with Microsoft to elevate its security standards. The hardware and software are fully integrated from boot up, protecting your system from any kind of attack. Its fingerprint sensor safeguards your data with a separate microprocessor and is integrated into the biometric reader.

The display of the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is a 33% brighter AMOLED screen. Its S Pen enables natural pen-to-paper interaction. Its battery life is also better than a conventional LCD. Its display is also higher-resolution, allowing for a greater variety of colors and a deeper black. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 has a full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, offering a major performance advantage over a typical laptop display.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro series includes the traditional format Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro, and the new flip-up touch screen model, the Galaxy X2 Pro 360. Both models integrate into the Samsung ecosystem, enabling continuity between Android and Windows. The company hopes that the Galaxy Book2 Pro will be able to steal the top spot from Dell. For pre-orders to start on March 18, retail availability is set for April 1.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 tablet. You can use the tablet as a second screen for the Galaxy Tab by transferring the content from your old device. It also supports Single Sign-On with Samsung Account and Galaxy Buds pairing. The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 is an impressive laptop for both Samsung fans and non-Samsung users. With such a wide range of features, the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro is a well-rounded laptop for any kind of work.

Intel 12th-generation P-series processors

The new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro uses Intel’s 12-generation P-series processors, which have a TDP of 28W. Intel’s new chip family combines performance cores with energy-efficient cores. This combination allows the laptop to deliver better performance while using less power. Intel claims that some of these chips use half the power of their 11th-generation equivalents.

The new laptops feature the latest Intel Core processors, which provide smooth and reliable performance. Intel continues to work with Samsung to improve the technology behind these processors. The laptops’ processors are among the best in the market. Samsung continues to work with Intel to make sure that the processors are optimized for their respective notebooks. The new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is a great example of this collaboration.

The next-generation Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro laptop is a great follow-up to the best lightweight laptop from last year. It keeps its slim design and excellent Full HD AMOLED display, but adds some significant upgrades to the spec sheet. It also has optional 5G connectivity. However, we’ll have to wait until its release to see how well it performs.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Business also comes with an anti-glare 16:10 display with a matte finish. While the new laptops are built for business use, it’s best to use these machines for your business. Samsung’s latest laptops offer great performance with advanced features such as Windows 11 Pro. They also support up to 64GB of RAM, USB Type-C, HDMI, and RJ-45 Ethernet ports.

The notebook’s battery life is impressive and it can last for over 21 hours if you use it regularly. The battery of the new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is a generous 63Wh for the 13.3-inch model, and up to 32GB for the 15.6-inch model. There is also a MicroSD card slot and two USB-C ports for external storage.

The CPU in the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro is powered by Intel’s 12th-generation P-series processor, also known as Alder Lake. This processor uses a hybrid architecture with a mix of high-performance and energy-efficient cores, resulting in better performance overall and longer battery life. With these benefits, it’s no wonder Samsung continues to upgrade their notebooks.

Eco-conscious material

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro


  • Processor: 12th Generation Intel Core i7-1260P processor (2.1 GHz up to 4.6 GHz 18 MB L3 Cache) | Memory: 16 GB LPDDR5 Memory (On BD 16 GB) | Storage: 512 GB NVMe SSD, 1 slot for SSD storage expansion
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home | Preinstalled Software: MS Office Home & Student 2021, Live Message, Live Wallpaper, McAfee Live Safe (Trial), Screen Recorder, Samsung Gallery, Samsung Flow, Samsung Notes, Samsung Recovery, Samsung Settings, Studio Plus, Samsung Update, Samsung Security, Quick Share, Galaxy Book Smart Switch
  • Display: 15.6 inch (39.6 cm), FHD AMOLED Display (1920 x 1080) | Intel Iris Xe Graphics
  • Ports: 1 HDMI, 1 Thunderbolt 4, 1 USB Type-C, 1 USB3.2, MicroSD Multi-media Card Reader, 1 Headphone out/Mic-in Combo, | Without CD-drive | Average battery life = 68 Wh (20 hrs video playback / 16 hrs MM18), 65 W USB Type-C Adapter

Eco-conscious material is now a standard part of the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro series. The material comes from recycled fishing nets and is used in parts such as the touchpad holder and the inner bracket of the notebook. Samsung has incorporated the new material in the series to address growing consumer demand for eco-conscious materials and their commitment to fulfilling ESG mandates. The result of these efforts is a notebook that is both durable and environmentally friendly.

New algorithms are also incorporated into the Galaxy Book2 Pro series, which will help extend battery life, minimize standby power, and reduce the need for frequent battery replacements. The AMOLED panels are eco-friendly, having received GREENGUARD gold certification from Underwriters Laboratories. They also have been certified to minimize VOC emissions. The new Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro series is expected to be available for purchase by the end of March 2022 and will ship worldwide in April.

Hanwha Compound also works to expand its eco-conscious products. Ocean-bound plastics and discarded fishing nets pose a threat to marine biodiversity. Hanwha Compound has dedicated a lot of effort to reusing sea waste, and its eco-conscious materials will find application in textiles and automotive electronics. If these are not enough to make it onto a new laptop, they will be used to make new notebooks, and that’s the ultimate eco-friendly PC.

The new Galaxy Book2 Pro series will go on pre-sale in March and retail in April. Both notebooks will be available to purchase for pre-order in Korea on March 18. The new Galaxy Book2 Pro series is a highly anticipated product and will be released to the general public in April. Samsung will debut the new Galaxy Book2 Pro series at the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona, Spain, from March 28th to May 1st.

This notebook series is a hub for SmartThings compatible devices. With the SmartThings dashboard, you can control the devices in your home and use smart functions such as Find to find lost devices. Samsung is also embracing an eco-conscious approach to materials. The Galaxy Book2 Pro is made from recycled fishing nets, which means it is completely recyclable. The eco-conscious materials that make up the notebook are sourced from the oceans.

15.6-inch display

If you’re looking for a new laptop, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro might be the right choice. Its 15.6-inch display offers a crisp, clear picture. It also features a fingerprint reader and 32GB of RAM. The price of this laptop is EUR1899, depending on the configuration. The Galaxy Book2 Pro is also compatible with Thunderbolt 4 port, which is useful for connecting compatible devices like monitors and 40 Gb/s storage drives. It also has a microSD card reader for easy file transfers. For additional security, a fingerprint reader lets you login to Windows without entering a password.

The Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro has a 33% brighter AMOLED display than the previous model. It also supports the S Pen, a pen that can be used to sketch or write. The Book2 Pro 360 has cellular connectivity, a special 5W stereo amplifier, and downrange processors based on region. The S Pen makes the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 the perfect laptop for artists, designers, and students.

The 15-inch display on the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is an attractive feature, but there are a few things that you should know about this device. Although it has a 15.6-inch display, it’s not quite as vibrant as its competitors’. The resolution is decent, but the bottom bezel is ugly and needs to be cut down. However, a 4K display would make the device more appealing.

A good battery life is essential for a laptop, and the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro includes both a 10-year and 15-year warranty. This new notebook also features two Intel technologies. It’s powered by a 12th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU with a full HD resolution. Other features include 16GB LPDDR5-6400 RAM, 512GB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe M.2 SSD, and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is a worthy successor to the Galaxy Books 360. This ultraportable is comfortable to carry around and boasts a 1080p AMOLED touchscreen. It also comes with an upgraded 1080p webcam and is powered by the latest Intel Alder Lake laptop CPUs. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360’s impressive battery life is a great laptop for both Samsung users and those without a Samsung phone.