Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Review

Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Review April 2022

Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Review : If you’ve been considering buying a pair of earphones to help you with your music listening, you’ve probably read some Mivi ThunderBeats reviews. Mivi is a company from India that makes goods in the high-value range.

The ThunderBeats feature noise cancelling, fast charging, and a bass driver that helps create strong bass without irritating the user when the volume is turned up.

The headphones’ remote has three buttons to control volume, playback, and answer/end calls. A low-volume button will also announce battery life and connect/disconnect status.

Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX HD support improve audio quality and reduce latency, giving you a more stable connection. The battery life is decent, but not outstanding. The Mivi ThunderBeats have a price tag of Rs. 2,999.

The Mivi Thunderbeats 2 wireless Bluetooth earphone is made of premium materials and is easy to wear. The magnetic housing prevents tangling and provides IPX4 protection against water splashes. The thunder beats headphones have a sweat-proof rating and come with 2 sets of ear-tips.

These headphones have multi-functional buttons and an in-line remote and microphone. They’re comfortable to wear and are also suitable for gym use.

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Bluetooth headphones are lightweight and ergonomic, with a long battery life. They don’t feel like earphones, and are available in a variety of stylish colors.

They also don’t compromise on sound quality, and are very convenient. You can take calls, activate voice assistants, and adjust the volume. The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 wireless headphones also come with a rubber cord that keeps them in place.

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 headphones are lightweight, and they have a magnetic latch on feature to stay in place. In addition, they’re comfortable, with just a single wire around the neck.

This means that they won’t be as distracting as a neckband does. They also have an extended battery life, with 14 hours of continuous play. You can even use the equalizer on your smartphone to adjust the sound output to suit your needs.

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Bluetooth earphones provide up to fourteen hours of battery life at 50% volume, and eight hours at 70%. Their Bluetooth 5.0 connection is convenient, and the headsets’ 10-meter wireless range ensures a long listening time, but not the advertised 14 hours.

For this reason, you may want to avoid wearing the Mivi ThunderBeats 2 when the battery life isn’t as impressive as you might hope.

Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Review

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 headphones are a great option for people who want high-quality headphones without a bulky design. Despite their sleek build and lightweight weight, the headphones don’t feel like earphones. They also feature elegant colors, and don’t compromise on sound quality. The headphones also come with easy-to-use controls, which let you make calls, activate voice assistants, and adjust the volume easily.

Bluetooth 5.0

If you’re looking for a good pair of wireless headphones that don’t cost a fortune, look no further than the Mivi Thunderbeats 2. These earphones are equipped with a streamlined design and magnetic earbuds that hold their shape well in any position. While they don’t have auto-on and auto-off features, they do deliver punchy bass and clear sound output.

The inline control unit of the Mivi ThunderBeats 2 features three buttons for volume control, playback, and answering and ending calls. Its microphone is located at the top of the earphone and also features a rubber flap to keep it from sweating or getting wet. The Bluetooth connection between the Mivi ThunderBeats and your smartphone is stable thanks to the company’s aptX HD technology.

In terms of sound quality, the Mivi ThunderBeats are excellent, regardless of genre. Their bass line and balance make them suitable for almost any genre of music. Listening to Kenny Rogers’ Gambler is a particularly good example of this. Similarly, listening to God’s Plan is a great choice for bass lovers, as the earphones’ mic and remote allow hands-free calls.

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Bluetooth earphones have a range of 30 feet. Their long-lasting battery life enables users to listen to music for at least 14 hours. The headphones are comfortable to wear and have a magnetic lock to prevent them from falling out even during strenuous exercise or shaking. With the aptX 5.0 technology, the Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Bluetooth earphones are the perfect solution for music lovers.

Magnetic latch-on feature

Mivi ThunderBeats 2 Review

The Mivi Thunderbeats 2 are neckband earphones that connect to smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You can pair the headphones with your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. You will have to turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and press the Multi-function button. After pairing, the headphones will appear in your smartphone’s list of devices. Tap on the headset to begin listening to your music.

The magnetic earbuds of the Mivi Thunderbeats 2 are great for workouts because they stay in place. Unlike other magnetic earbuds, the magnetic latch-on feature prevents the earbuds from falling off or getting tangled. Additionally, the Mivi Thunderbeats 2 come with two sets of ear-tips and multi-functional buttons so you can control your music and take hands-free calls.

The Mivi ThunderBeats Bluetooth Wireless Earphones with Mic have great sound quality and a broad range of connectivity. The CSR 8645 chip delivers crisp sound with deep bass. Bluetooth 5.0 Apt XHD technology provides stable and convenient connectivity. You can even control your phone’s functions through the earpieces with the magnetic latch-on feature. So, you can enjoy your music anywhere, anytime, without worrying about losing your headphones.

The Mivi Thunderbeats 2 neckband earphones deliver a strong audio performance. But they aren’t as exciting as the competition, but their price tag and design make them a great choice for the price. As long as you can live with the fit and durability, you can’t go wrong with these neckband earphones. The Mivi Thunderbeats 2 headphones are a good purchase.

Audio response curve

The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 wireless Bluetooth headphones come with a case to store the earbuds. The earbuds are made of plastic and metal chambers with metal caps to hold the battery and circuitry. The magnetic clasps at the neckband prevent the earphones from falling off the user’s neck. While the headphones sound decent, there are some drawbacks. Below are some pros and cons of the Mivi ThunderBeats 2.

These in-ear Bluetooth earphones offer up to seven hours of continuous playback without charging. Their rugged metallic body and magnetic lock provide a secure fit around the neck. They are also sweat-resistant and feature Cvc 6.0 passive noise cancellation. These headphones deliver crisp, HD sound with booming bass. If you’re looking for a pair of in-ear Bluetooth earphones that will last all day, the Mivi ThunderBeats 2 might be the right choice for you.

Battery life

Mivi Thunderbeats 2 neckband earphones offer 14 hours of battery life. This is lower than Mivi’s specifications, but still good for neckband earphones. They can be recharged in just one hour and 30 minutes. The headphones are sweatproof and come with a magnetic locking system. You can expect to play music for about six hours before the battery drains completely. However, the battery life of these headphones is not as impressive as you would expect from Bluetooth v5 connectivity.

Mivi ThunderBeats 2 come in five colors and are made of plastic, though they have a metallic finish. The headphones have a multifunction button and volume controls on the side. The device also includes an LED light to indicate the connection status. The Mivi Thunderbeats 2 come with a Micro USB cable to charge them. However, most Mivi products come with USB-C charging ports. Mivi Thunderbeats 2 also come with IPX4 water resistance rating, which means that they can be used in the rain and sweat without a problem.

The Mivi Thunderbeats 2 Bluetooth earphones offer a 14-hour battery life at 50% volume. The device also offers eight hours of playtime at 70 percent volume. They have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and a ten-meter wireless range. The device is compatible with Android 6 and iOS 9.

The Mivi Thunderbeats 2 headphones are comfortable to wear and do not irritate the ear. They have hooks on the back so they don’t fall out. They have a 10-metre operational range and up to eight hours of battery life at high volume. The batteries can also be recharged in an hour. When you’re done with your music, you can switch them to a different mode in your smartphone’s equalizer to adjust the sound output.

Mivi ThunderBeats 2


  • Superior Sound: Wireless Bluetooth earphones ThunderBeats2 delivers upgraded high-performance audio that helps you feel the unparalleled sound around you.
  • Long-lasting Battery Life: ThunderBeats2 boasts an unparalleled battery life which can deliver up to 14 hours (at 50% volume) of continuous play on a single charge.
  • Unbeatable Bass: This high-quality wireless earphone has an electro-dynamic 6 mm driver that delivers powerful and authentic audio bass, making ThunderBeats2 one of the best Bluetooth Earphone for any type of music.
  • Ergonomic Design & Comfortable Fit: ThunderBeats2 Bluetooth earphones are sophisticatedly designed to fit securely regardless of what sport or exercise you are doing. Wireless ThunderBeats2’s earbuds are lightweight, durable and offer a custom fit so that comfort is not compromised.


The Mivi Thunderbeats 2 are equipped with magnetic earbuds that don’t pause the music when attached or detached. That’s not a big deal, as the same problem plagues many other inexpensive earphones. The flat cable also avoids tangles. The headphones are easy to pair with smartphones and other devices via Bluetooth. To enable Bluetooth on the headphones, simply press the multi-function button on the earphones. When the device is connected, you’ll see it listed under Bluetooth devices.

The Mivi ThunderBeats2 headphones feature a 10-mm driver that delivers punchy bass and clear sound. The Mivi ThunderBeats 2 headphones offer up to 14 hours of playtime on a single charge when set to high volume. They also feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and are water-resistant up to 10 meters. The Bluetooth technology also allows for automatic pairing with smartphones and delivers superb sound quality up to 10 meters away.