lenovo ideapad slim 3i

Best Laptop Lenovo Ideapad slim 3i in India 2021

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i 10th Gen Intel Core i5

lenvo ideapd slim 3i


  • Ultra-sleek laptop
  • 19.9 mm thinness
  •  Intel Core 10th Gen processor
  • 1 TB HDD storage
  •  2-sided narrow bezels
  •  Ambience for a date night

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Time to raise your video game experience and elevate your video gaming expertise beyond the world of the mere acceptable. Engineered with the new-generation ultra-efficient Intel Core i5 processor, up to NVIDIA Tegra 4 Kepler graphics and heavy-duty MIDI/USB MIDI audio interfaces, the Lenovo IdeaPad 3i is engineered with cutting-edge technologies for truly ultimate performance.

Paired with industry-leading mobile broadband capabilities and cutting-edge features and accessories, the laptop performs with absolute presence, letting you become part of your creative process. And because it’s so light and portable, you can even take it anywhere.

What’s inside? Sophisticated cooling fans, ample amount of RAM and an efficient dual-core processing engine let this notebook operate smoothly even under demanding workloads. Advanced hard drive and solid state hard disk storage give you endless media possibilities. With the simultaneous loading of Windows and Android operating systems, the laptops feature superior versatility.

The gaming benefit of these thin-and-light notebooks is that they are perfectly suited to both hardcore gaming and all the other leisure uses. Because they are so light, you can carry them around easily. With their aluminum frame, you can look stylish and chic. You can also benefit from their long battery life, which will enable you to play long hours nonstop without your mind wandering off.

In terms of connectivity, the keyboards on these notebooks provide an enhanced comfort when typing on the keyboard. The track pads are also very responsive, with fingertip control function providing a great gaming experience. With HD viewing and DVD burning facilities, you can easily enjoy home videos or movies. They are also perfect for sharing photos with friends and family through e-mail. The built-in camera lets you upload pictures directly to your desktop.

One more benefit is the anti-glare display feature, with LED technology producing fewer emissions. For this notebook, Lenovo has employed their own Type Lead technology, which uses a front lid to reduce glare. The LCD on the other hand is highly responsive and boasts low contrast and color distortion. The screen brightness is also very good and offers bright images even in dimly lit environments.

With an integrated palm rest, you will also be able to take these notebooks with you wherever you go. This is because the palm rest acts as a flexible ‘threshold’ for the touch, which further increases comfortable grip. Another benefit is the cool magnesium frame that the notebook runs on. The matte finish on the magnesium frame has been given a two-year life span. It also features an easy to grip keyboard, and is very light and sturdy.

In addition to the great multimedia features provided by the laptop, it also comes packed with innovative features. USB technology offers high speed data transfer. There is Bluetooth support, which allows you to connect to wireless devices such as printers, scanners, and camera monitors. Other features include a memory card reader, a digital camera control, and video recording capabilities. A Web cam connection is also provided, which helps you to capture beautiful memories, even when on the move.

The laptop is extremely compact, weighing less than 1.6kg. You can easily carry it around with you, as it can fit into most briefcases. It comes with a battery life of up to six hours, which can be extended through the use of an external charger. You can connect to the internet via either Wi-Fi or 3G technology, which will give you a truly wireless experience. It has an advanced memory card reader, so expandable storage is always available for your favorite media applications.

With the great design of the Lenovo IdeaPad 3i, you can personalize it to reflect your style. You can add your own stylized font, background, and icons, which make for an extremely customized experience. For those who are always on the go, you will appreciate the built-in kickstand, which allows you to place the notebook flatly, or prop it up if it is used while sitting on a desk.

Another benefit of the laptop is its wireless connectivity. Because it is an ultra-modern device, it enables you to connect wirelessly with a Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, or other wireless peripheral device. This makes for convenient, hassle-free computing. Another feature of the laptop that is a great benefit is its excellent battery life, which runs for up to five hours on a single charge.

The touch screen of the laptop is smooth and large, and is also responsive. You can browse the web easily using its Web Pass feature. The integrated speaker system provides clear audio quality. The built-in Wi-Fi Direct function enables you to connect to a broadband Internet service without having to use a USB modem. Another great feature of these laptops is the backlit keyboards, which come in both standard and touch types. You can also enjoy a fine typing experience thanks to the integrated trackpad.

Time to upgrade your mobile game-playing prowess and stake your claim to impress everyone around you with Lenovo IdeaPad 3i. With a powerful, compact PC that stands tall among your gaming fraternity, Esports experience beyond the realms of just acceptable gaming and an extended reach of quality.

Engineered with the latest-generation technology and equipped with the best-in-class processors, up to NVIDIA Tegra Zone 2 graphics cards, solid-state hard drives and solid-state interlocking memory modules, the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 puts forth a strong, refined impression. And with its unique hook up with the World Wide Web (Web connectivity ensures quick and hassle free connection) – you can now access your favorite online social sites, chat rooms and instant messenger apps with no problem.

With powerful hardware, sleek looks and intuitive navigation, the Lenovo IdeaPad 3i packs a powerhouse punch in mobile form. With a multi-touch capacitive multi-touch keyboard, gamers get a rich array of integrated functions to enjoy their games to the fullest. The all-touch keyboard with soft-touch keys responds quickly and easily, providing a great typing experience.

A full QWERTY keyboard complements the spacious keyboard for a total command and control over your games. If you’re feeling a little lost in terms of gaming commands, the on-screen keypad is your personal hub for all information and functions.

A gaming notebook is a portable home entertainment center that delivers superior performance and ultimate performance for gaming on the go.

Playing games on these systems allows you to transform your notebooks – laptops are lighter, cooler and more compact than traditional notebook PCs. These notebooks are also more powerful and deliver ultimate performance. With high quality audio and video features, the notebooks – especially the 3i models offer top quality sound and video experience.

The innovative multi-touch trackball and multi-touch track pads provide a fluid user interface experience with larger than life graphics for hardcore gamers. The notebook keyboard is smooth and light, yet durable and shock proof for comfortable use.

The notebook display has wide viewing angles for great color clarity and brightness for optimal viewing pleasure. For wireless connectivity, there are Bluetooth and USB ports for advanced networking and data transfer abilities. With Wi-Fi support, users can connect to a high speed internet network from anywhere in the world.

When it comes to portability, the notebook offers mobile versatility with its compact size and sleek design. With a battery life of up to 10 hours, these notebooks – especially the 3i models offer extended battery life when needed. The integrated battery charging station offers quick charging and auto shut off features for extended battery life when the need arises. In addition, the notebooks offer a spacious keyboard with larger touchpad for large hands that appreciate the smaller size of many laptops.

The keyboards on the Lenovo IdeaPad 3i are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic. They are fully customizable with different key types and complete numpkin size so that the keys can be individually adjusted for each user and typing will be more comfortable.

The keyboards are smooth and quiet, with minimal vibration and noise. For multimedia functions, the notebooks offer Bluetooth and USB ports for quick and easy transfer of data and entertainment. For internet connectivity, Wi-Fi is an available option with optional Mirasone software.

The touch-sensitive screen of the Lenovo IdeaPad 3i allows quick and accurate navigation. For those who like to play games, the gaming keyboard is designed to be great for precision and speed gaming. Gamers can easily adjust the sensitivity of the game keys for greater control of their gaming experience. The touch sensitive keyboard also makes it easy to scroll and select information. There is no question that the notebooks offer excellent technology that can make anyone feel more productive.

With a broad range of products designed for every consumer need, Lenovo has established its name as the leading laptop brand. With the innovative designs of the Lenovo IdeaPad 3i, users can have variety in their choice of laptop.

This allows them to determine which notebooks meet their specific needs. As consumers, we want the best products that provide a great combination of quality, durability, value, style and performance. When choosing a product, it is important to compare the quality, durability, support and price. With so many choices of Lenovo notebook computers at prices that anyone can afford, finding the right model should be easy and reliable.