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How to Make a Gobi Manchurian Dish?

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Gobi Manchurian is a famous Indian dish, which is made of steamed cabbage. It is named as such because of the raw material used, which is cabbage. Cabbage is used as a main ingredient in Gobi Manchurian. This is a delicacy dish prepared by adding some onion, cauliflower, salt and water to the cabbage. It is then deep-fried.

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So you can make your own Gobi Manchurian Dish

The ingredients used for making this dish are very ordinary and not expensive. All you need for preparing this delicious dish are some Gobi Manchurian, cabbage, red pepper powder, coriander powder, cardamom powder, cumin powder, gram flour, honey, milk and coconut oil. These are the common and everyday ingredients that are required for preparing this dish. You can also try out some spices that will make this dish more flavorful.

If you want to make your own Gobi Manchurian recipe, then first of all you have to prepare the basic ingredients and then use your creativity and taste to spice up this recipe. For making cauliflower manchurians, you can use any cut of cauliflower, however, to make a more appetizing recipe you can go for the baked or frying cauliflower.

The recipe, which is prepared using cauliflower can be prepared with a mildly spiced sauce. Here, I will provide you with some delicious recipe.

Gobi Manchuiran Dish
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Gobi Manchurian Dish Preparation

To prepare the Gobi Manchurian recipe, you will require some cabbage, red bell pepper, onions, tomatoes and salt. All these ingredients are required to be mixed together and then slowly cooked in a pan with some oil until they become translucent and soft. In order to make sure that the ingredients are fully cooked and no amount of raw food particles are left, you can add some water or milk. Also, you can add some drops of soy sauce and sugar to the mixture to give it a sweet flavor.

This delicious recipe of Gobi Manchurian can be taken in various forms. For example, you can fry the Gobi Manchurian in some oil in the frying pan or you can add some water and vinegar or honey and serve it with steamed white rice. Another interesting variation of this dish is that you can add some spinach, peanuts and lemon to the florets and cook them in hot oil for several minutes. The aroma and flavors of the dish will remain in the mouth for quite some time.

Taste of Gobi Manchurian Dish

If you want to change the taste of the Gobi Manchurian recipe slightly, you can add a little bit of different spice to it. You can do that by chopping some garlic or onion and adding it to the mixture. Alternatively, you can add some turmeric, red chili powder, coriander and asafetida (cumin) powder to the mixture and let it multiply in numbers and mix them well with the garlic and onions. Once all the spices are mixed, you can add a little bit of water and vinegar and cook it on a burner. This will give you a delicious dish with different spices, flavor and colors.

Serve the Gobi Manchurian with some basmati rice and curried tomato ketchup. Apart from the traditional ingredients, you can also add some sesame seeds, green chillies and roasted gram flour to the recipe and let it mixture cook for some more minutes. This delicious recipe can be made without using any preservatives.

If you are looking for some mouthwatering spicy Gobi Manchurian recipe then you can make some delicious Indian masala chutney for your side dish. All you need to do is to cut some kaju barbeque and add it to some bowl of tomato ketchup. Stir it well and serve it with some steamed rice and curried tomato ketchup for an ultimate south Indian meal.