best massage chair in India

Top 5 Best Massage Chair in India December 2021 Buying Guide

Best Massage Chair in India

Introduction of Massage Chairs at Home in India

The intelligentsia is well aware of all the gadgets available in the market for relaxing and exercising the body. With the increasing health consciousness of the population, it has also become more conscious of balancing material progress with good health.

Thus, the introduction of Massage Chairs at home is a natural progression. This product is designed to give a full body massage at home with ease. There are two basic types of this product: S track and L track. Both the types are highly efficient, but the former is more expensive and may not be suitable for most people.

The two types of massage chairs are zero gravity, full-body, and reclining. Each has its own benefits and features. The most common use of a massage chair is to relieve postural stress caused by sitting at a desk for long periods of time. The ergonomics of these chairs helps in reducing postural stress. Furthermore, they help in improving circulation and correcting postures. However, the performance of these devices varies between different models.

An ottoman massage chair is another option for home use. This type is more expensive but offers a separate resting structure for tall people. Other benefits include comfort, space saving, and Bluetooth music. An ottoman massage chair has the added advantage of offering a convenient seating arrangement for a longer person. It is also space-saving. The zero gravity feature also allows you to enjoy music while you are in your chair.

Here is the List of 5 Best Massage Chairs in India

1) Lixo Massage chair – LI5577, The Opulence Premium Full Body Massage Chair for Home

  • The LIXO Massage chair – LI5577 the opulence premium massage chair.
  • Core patent technology – combined Flexible track for neck and back massage | Robust split-line for durability
  • 3- Dimensional Space modelling strengthening concave/convex contrast, bring a stronger sense and privacy
  • Robot quad style massage roller
  • Special patented double acting legrest
  • Intelligent sensing technology for accurate shoulder positioning
  • Advanced body scan system
  • Anti pinch safety features
  • Agile reversing technology synchronised kneading & tapping massage | Pin- point Massage
  • Thai style bridge posture stretching massage | spiky rollers for extra stimulation on acupoints of soles
  • Advanced underfoot roller techniques such as shiatsu, TuiNa, Lifting and rubbing | Zero Gravity
  • Cutting edge technology with wider reclining angles | 4 bionic modes – Feature, Classic, User and Focus
  • 12 massage programmed features – Extension, Release, Yoga, Thai, Chinese, Ancient, Boss, Lady, Senior, Neck & Shoulder, Waist & Buttock, Back & Spine
  • Mimic human hand pushing, grabbing, squeezing, soothing heat bag for your backrest and leg will dilate blood circulation
  • Specialized rollers are soft and resilient – Which make more comfort | manual extending foot rest for different height ranges | manual massage can be done whole, Partial and point

The Lixo Premium Full Body Massage Chair for Home is one of the most popular massage chairs in India. This chair can offer an unparalleled human touch experience. Its ergonomic design and high-performance coverage of your shoulders, back, neck, and waist provide you with the ultimate in relaxation.

The four-level heating system and adjustable leg rests help you find your perfect massage. The warranty from the manufacturer covers any issues with the chair within the first year of purchase.

The Lixo Massage Chair is equipped with 3D massage rollers for a full body massage. The heated seat provides optimum comfort while massaging, while the auto-scalp position helps eliminate stress and tension.

This ergonomic chair is easy to assemble and uses premium leather upholstery for the chair’s armrests and footrest. It has a one-year on-site doorstep warranty. This product also has a remote control, so you can control the intensity and modes.

Its shiatsu, flapping, and kneading massage techniques will help you relax and unwind after a stressful day. Its zero gravity feature will make you feel as if you are among the stars. The chair has three levels of intensity, allowing you to find the perfect massage for you. You can also use the remote controller to adjust the intensity. The heating back roller also helps you recover faster from your stressful day.

The lixo Premium Full Body Massage Chair for Homes has 6 modes of massage. The zero-gravity function allows you to target specific pressure points throughout your body. It offers adjustable air pressure and is easy to operate with a voice command.

Unlike other full body massage chairs, it has zero gravity so you can relax in the privacy of your home. The flexibly designed seat has a fully automatic sensor that detects your body shape and adjusts the speed accordingly.

The zero-gravity function gives you the ultimate relaxation experience. The Zero-gravity feature deifies your body weight and provides ease of navigation. Its Bluetooth music system makes it a family favorite. This massage chair is comfortable to use for everyone in your home and has a wide range of features to fit every need. In addition to reclining, it has three levels of massage that can target specific parts of your body.

Its design is smart and space-saving. It only requires 6cm of space at the back for full recline. It also has an ergonomically designed headrest that can be adjusted to fit your preferences. It is made of quality materials and is durable.

You can use it in tight spaces and it has a unique L-track system. With its unique heating feature, it is perfect for relieving back pain and increasing oxygen levels in the body.

The Lixo LI6001 Massage chair is a luxurious option for those who want to experience a full body massage. Its armrest is long and comprehensive, and it has a streamlined design for a sleek, streamlined look. The armrests are long and provide a full range of comfort. The L-shaped design provides a unique l-shaped massage, so you can experience a customized experience.

The Lixo Premium Full Body Massage Chair has impressive heating technology. The Go Six Automatic system controls the temperature and provides an overall comfort experience. This chair has dual types of zero gravity. Its space capsule seat provides a comfortable and relaxing massage for the body.

It also features an mp3 player so you can listen to your favorite music while you relax. The high-quality airbags in the Lixo massage chair are a great help in easing tight muscles and ensuring a smooth, relaxed massage for a lifetime.

Apart from the health benefits, Lixo Premium Full Body Massage Chair for Home is also stylish. Its wide seat area is adjustable and makes it easy for people of any age to sit comfortably. Its innovative design and the use of S roller track adds to its aesthetic appeal. It also features 3 intensity levels: gentle, medium, and vigorous. All these massages will improve blood circulation and relieve stress.

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2) BODYFRIEND MOM 4D Massage Chair 

  • This Bodyfriend 4D chair has head massage, bluetooth speakers, cloud type Massage with 89 Airbags, Foot rollers, Calf Rollers, Multiple massage modes, Zero Gravity.
  • Helps in relieving muscle tension and aids better blood circulation Zero gravity massage chair improves the sleeping Quality.
  • This 4D massage chair provides relaxing and comfortable massage.
  • MOM 4D technology Automatic massage chair keeps you relaxed.
  • Air pressure programs from the head and neck to the hands and soles.Wireless Bluetooth audio 5, Massage Roller for the foot.
  • The armrest interlocks with the backrest. Heating function, Foot stretch massage.
  • The backrest and calf rest can be power-lifted and reclined separately. 
  •  The zero gravity feature is specifically for people suffering from a back spinal condition.
  • The massage chair could return to its original position when you turn off the power.
  • This massage chair can move the rollers along the track either up and down, or left and right as well as moving in and out of the massage chair (three dimensions), which can provide a deeper massage than other massage chairs.
  • Bodyfriend Chair is equipped with SL Track which is a curved track that follows the sinusoidal curve of the spine with an extension of the S-track that reaches all the way to the top of the hamstrings.

The BODYFRIEND MOM 4D is an ergonomic massage chair that has zero-gravity and three intensity levels. Its unique design allows the user to customize the intensity of the massage based on their needs. This ergonomic chair also has inbuilt MOM 4D technology, which recognizes the height and weight of the user and delivers a therapeutic massage. It has a five-year limited warranty.

This massage chair has advanced technologies that help you achieve the maximum benefits of massage at home. It has built-in LED lights and a temperature controller to customize the intensity of your massage. Its full-body airbags will target the trouble spots, preventing the user from falling asleep. It can also be connected to Bluetooth for hands-free communication. The body scanning feature of this device allows you to get a complete body massage without leaving the chair.

Whether you want a deep tissue massage or a soothing deep tissue massage, the BODYFRIEND MOM 4D massage chair is a great choice. This massage chair can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the user. The inclination level and duration of the massage are adjustable. The remote control makes it easy to adjust the intensity of the massage. Its zero gravity mechanism offers a more thorough and effective massage.

The most notable advantage of this chair is its ergonomic design. The SL Track is 1450mm long and reaches the top of the hamstrings. The curved back rollers can be customized as per your preference. The automatic detection of the user’s shoulder position helps in ensuring that the user gets the best massage at home. Its PU-PU coating means it can be used in a variety of positions.

The BODYFRIEND MOM 4D massage chair is a great addition to the home. Its innovative design and ergonomics will make it a favorite amongst mothers and their children. Moreover, the BODYFRIEND MOM 4D is comfortable and customizable, and can be used in any room. The zero-gravity position provides a deep massage that will enhance blood circulation.

Besides the ergonomic design, the BODYFRIEND MOM 4D is also compatible with a variety of massage devices. Its unique features are adjustable armrests and four manual massage modes. Its auto heating feature will warm up your back muscles. You can adjust the speed and the intensity of the movements. The JSB MZ21 has six automatic modes and five infrared massage mode.

The BODYFRIEND MOM 4D massage chair is a great way to pamper your partner with a relaxing massage. It has a Bluetooth audio system and multiple airbags. You can also play music in the machine. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best. The BODYFRIEND MOM 4d therapist can customize a massage by using various techniques.

The BODYFRIEND MOM 4D massage chair comes with advanced Bluetooth technology. The BODYFRIEND MOM 4DM4D uses four-wheel driven intelligent massage hands. Its feet and head are targeted with four different directions, including kneading, knocking, and flexing. The patented Smart Rolling feature will help you customize your experience.

The BODYFRIEND MOM 4D massage chair is a zero-gravity, multi-airbag, reclining, and dual-airbag design. The airbags are adjusted for different body parts, including the legs, hips, and abdomen. This is an excellent option for people with a wide variety of problems. It offers many advantages over the traditional massage chairs.

With the BODYFRIEND MOM 4D massage chair, the mother can relax and soothe her husband’s tired muscles. The mom’s massage will feel rejuvenated. It will help her relax after a tiring day. Its airbags will increase blood flow throughout the body. This is an ideal choice for pregnant women who need to unwind in the evening.

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3) RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • The top class massage chair is pre loaded with auto 2D shoulder detection features.
  • This is an inbuilt mechanism which facilitates accurate positioning of shoulder for enhanced massage experience to us
  • The massage chair is embedded with a host of customized modes including kneading and flapping combination and in individual modes.
  • It also offers shiatsu and knocking modes for a great effect.
  • The chair has an inbuilt feature which facilitates release of heat automatically via carbon fiber.
  • This is especially effective in warming the back muscles for an enhanced level of comfort.
  • The massage chair’s efficient functionality is powered by a set of smart rollers.
  • These rollers facilitate massage for two pairs of papillae on toe root and skin scraping massage for arch and heel mastoid.
  • Roller massage for two pairs of papillae on toe root and skin scraping massage for arch and heel mastoid
  • An ultra-luxurious massage chair that’s a seamless blend of biomechanics, ergonomics, and therapeutic science.
  • It’s futuristic human skeletal characteristics based massage chair that’s built to delight.

Benefits of the RoboTouch Maxima Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This RoboTouch luxury zero gravity massage chair features a long rail that supports the entire body. The adjustable temperature and the calf squeeze function work to improve circulation. The two different modes of massage allow you to customize your experience.

A LED display screen indicates your current settings. You can also adjust the intensity of the massage. A built-in Bluetooth compatible device allows you to sync your music system and listen to podcasts while you enjoy the benefits of the chair.

This chair features innovative body scan technology that detects the tensed areas and the body’s position in the chair. The chair offers six different massage modes, including full-body, partial, and spot massage. The five speed levels and 2D auto-detection help the chair perform massages more effectively and reduce pain in your back and shoulders. The intelligent hands and roller move according to the information the chair collects.

This chair features three different modes of massage, ranging from gentle to deep tissue. It has five different emulation massages, including the nodal acupressure and shoulder rollers. The chair has a Bluetooth capability and has 12 auto-modes. Its advanced airbags work to provide relief for lower back muscles. The RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Full Bodge offers a 1-year doorstep warranty.

Unlike most full body massage chairs, the RoboTouch Maxima luxury full body zero gravity massage chair uses 79 airbags and has a detailed controller to help adjust the pressure. The RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Full-Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair is designed to provide a full-body massage and promote physical and mental recovery. Featuring 21 automatic massage functions, the RoboTouch Maxima will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Besides its zero gravity feature, the RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair also has a number of options. With five different settings, it can accommodate all types of body types. The arms and legs of this luxurious chair can be raised and lowered. Its neck heating feature is ideal for neck and back, while the arms can be adjusted to match the width of the chest.

The RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair is equipped with six adjustable levels of speed. It has an acupressure point function, and it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker. The RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Full-Body zero gravity massage chair is made of high-quality carbon fiber and comes with multiple modes. With its various functions, the chair makes life more comfortable for everyone.

The RoboTouch Zero Gravity Massage Chair is an affordable product in the market. The chair comes with a Bluetooth speaker, which plays MP3 music. It is also equipped with multiple air bags for better relaxation. It is one of the cheapest products on the market, and offers several benefits. Aside from its low price, the RoboTouch Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair is available in various colors and is sold through Amazon.

The RoboTouch Maxima massage chair is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to combine luxury with comfort. It has a built-in massage motor that performs multiple simultaneous movements. It has intelligently muted hands for added convenience.

It has three levels of intensity. Its remote control also makes it easy to switch between the different modes of massage. With so many functions, the RoboTouch Zero Gravity Massage Chair will provide ultimate relaxation.

A RoboTouch Elite Plus Zero Gravity massage chair offers precision foot massaging. Its patented 3D technology and airbags ensure that all parts of the body are properly mended. The seat has an integrated headrest for additional support. The armrests are adjustable so that you can get the perfect posture. With three intensity levels and three-dimensional technology, the RoboTouch Maxilux Zero Gravity massage chair is able to target and treat all body parts.

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4) JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity for Home Stress Relief

  • 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity with SL Track Massage ; Longest Reaching Rollers for Back and Hip Massage
  • Multiple Controls : Use with Detailed Wired Controller or Wireless Controller ; Soft Rollers for Neck, Back & Hips Massage with Back Heating ; Airbag Massage on Shoulder, Hands, Calves and Feet with 79 Air Bags
  • Combination of Various Massage Techniques : Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Knock, Rubbing and Vibration ; Zero Gravity Space Saving Design ; Bluetooth Music Sync with Speakers
  • 3D Kneading and Rubbing Massage on Calf ; Scrapping Massage to Improve Blood Circulation in Foot Soles & Calves ; Special X-twist Waist Massage for Waist Flexibility ; Stretching Massage to Relieve Tired Muscles
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Proper Foot Care
  • We Care for your Back
  • Pain Relief
  • Full Body Relaxation\

JSB MZ21 4D Massage – This is an innovative device, designed to offer the best of all possible worlds. It provides a number of benefits, including 12 massage modes, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, and extended reach soft rollers. It is also equipped with a quick launch panel and has a 1-year doorstep warranty. You can purchase this machine for your home from any retail store.

The JSB MZ21 4D Massage chair is an excellent choice for the home. It offers the perfect environment for relaxing in a zero gravity position. It can be easily moved from one room to another and is a comfortable place to spend a few hours. In addition, its multi-control panel is a breeze to use, and its wireless control makes it easy to operate.

JSB MZ21 4D Massage chair is ideal for home use. Its features include back heating pads and a Bluetooth music player. This model has 79 air bags, which helps promote better blood circulation. The JSB MZ21 is also affordable. Aside from the zero gravity positioning, the JSB MZ21 is fitted with a number of massage modes and is available in two different price ranges – i.e. normal, deep, and firm.

The JSB MZ21 4D Massage chair provides a variety of benefits to the user. It comes with a remote control and a wireless one. The chair also has a manual control panel and a quick access remote. The JSB MZ21 has 70 air bags for your back and has an adjustable footer height. The automatic timer is a key feature that ensures your comfort and relaxation.

The JSB MZ21 4D Massage chair is the ultimate luxury of a home. It provides comfort, health, and a unique way to relax while watching TV. The Bluetooth-enabled device can be connected to a computer to receive notifications about your progress. Moreover, the JSB MZ21 massage chair is easy to install and offers multiple modes. You can customize its functions to suit your needs and budget.

Its adjustable footrest provides you with the comfort and the ultimate relaxation. It is a compact and stylish device that can be used for the best home or office. It is easy to maneuver. Its reclining and non-reclining positions will offer your body complete relaxation. With an auto mode, the JSB MZ21 4D Massage chair is easy to operate and maintain. The user can also adjust its settings and synchronize it with the movement of the arms and legs.

The JSB MZ21 4D Massage chair is the most versatile of all zero gravity chairs. It has a voice control and is compatible with a wide variety of devices. It has a range of advantages: it has a remote control and voice-activated. Besides, the JSB MZ21 massage chair is comfortable and has a unique airbag system.

The JSB MZ21 4D Massage chair has various features that make it an ideal choice for home use. Its headrest allows for a comfortable rest. Its ergonomically designed frame also allows for a deeper and more complete relaxation. The JSB MZ21 is an excellent option for home use, as it features a voice recognition system. Its pillow pad is adjustable for a custom fit.

JSB MZ21 4D Massage chair has four adjustable airbags that can be adjusted to accommodate a user’s height and weight. Unlike ordinary massage chairs, the JSB MZ21 has a three-dimensional design, allowing the user to change its posture. The chair’s backside has an inclination control, which can help the user change his or her position.

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5) RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Best massage chair in India
  • The Urban full body massage chair Powered by a set of vertically movable, four wheel driven muted intelligent massage hands
  • Assists time setting for massage delivery automatically via timer programming. 15 min
  • Pre programmable time setting of 5-30 minutes in multiples of 5 minutes
  • Diverse massage modes including kneading, flapping, kneading & flapping, shiatsu, knocking etc.
  • One Year National on-site RoboTouch warranty
  • Convenient Storage Box
  • 3 Level Massage
  • One Button Recline
  • Speed Adjustable
  • Multiple Position Massage
  • Air Pressure Intensity Adjustable

Purchasing a RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair for your home is a great way to enjoy massage therapy at home. A RoboTouch chair has 10 automatic massage modes that can be customized according to your needs.

They include health recharging, thoracic and cervical vertebra massage, dream and swing mode, and many more. These modes can help you feel better mentally and physically.

Zero gravity mode: This massage chair is designed to give users the feeling of weightlessness. The zero gravity mode has 20 airbags that keep your torso and legs at an elevation of 118 degrees.

This mode also has a heating feature for your lumbar region and knees. You can customize the intensity of the massages to suit your specific needs. It comes with 20 auto modes, a programmable manual mode, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Several types of massages are available. Some of them have adjustable speed. You can adjust the intensity of the pressure based on the height and weight of your body. Besides the three levels of air pressure intensity, the RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair also has a footstool for extra comfort. Using the RoboTouch Urban FullBody Massage Chair at home will give you a whole new sense of relaxation and well-being.

This massage chair is designed to be compact and space-saving. Its features include multiple settings for kneading, tapping, and flapping, and shiatsu. It is also incredibly comfortable, which is a great benefit for busy people. As a bonus, it has voice recognition to make it easy to communicate with the machine and with other devices. The manufacturer provides a one-year doorstep warranty.

Apart from the massages, the RoboTouch chair also has a Bluetooth speaker and a USB port for charging mobile phones. It also has an intelligent voice recognition system. You can play music and take a break in between massages. A built-in Bluetooth speaker makes listening to music easy. Despite the price, RoboTouch chairs can make a dent in your pocket.

A RoboTouch chair uses a patented technology that automatically detects the shape of your body. This allows you to choose a position that is suitable for your body type and needs. It is designed for the arms, buttocks, and back. Its dual memory settings make it easy to change programs or re-schedule. If you’re not a regular massager, you can set your chair to a lower pressure and/or lower intensity.

The RoboTouch Urban Pro Full Body Massage Chair is an excellent way to enjoy a home massage. The chair’s 3D sensors detect the shape of your body and adjust the massage accordingly. Its four different massage modes kneading, shiatsu, and flapping are available. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the mode you prefer. The corresponding intensity levels will depend on your body’s shape.

The RoboTouch Urban massage chair is ideal for those who want to enjoy the benefits of massage without leaving their home. The chair is designed to provide an effective respite from stressful conditions and is comfortable when reclined. Unlike other chairs, the RoboTouch Urban’s design allows you to control the speed. Moreover, it has four wheels that allow you to adjust the leg rest and extend the calf.

The RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair is a multi-faceted device that uses airbags to massage the entire body. The massage chair’s specialized airbags help circulate blood throughout the body, while the zero-gravity feature facilitates the circulation of blood throughout the body. Its programmable controls help you adjust the chair’s temperature, massage intensity, and massage mode for your personal preference.

This chair features a number of features that make it a top massage chair. The RoboTouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair includes an electric actuator that allows you to adjust the backrest. The seat can also be adjusted by adjusting the footrest. It has a reclining feature and offers an X-twist Waist Massage. The 79 airbags in the RoboTouch Urban Full Buma chair will provide therapeutic, nourishing, and revitalizing relief for your tired muscles.

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Factors to Consider before Buying Massage Chair

A full body massage chair has many benefits, but not all of these benefits are beneficial for everyone. This is especially true if you are not a fan of electric currents, which can run hot and waste electricity. A quality massage chair will also offer you full control and a variety of features. If you are unsure about which features are important for you, ask a retailer or sales associate for a demonstration.


Depending on the type of massage you’re looking for, there are a number of different features you should look for. One feature that may be important to you is how flexible the chair is. Some chairs are only a foot wide, while others are designed to fit a smaller space. A massaging chair should have enough memory / recall functions to keep your preferences, and you should also check its weight limit, as some can be too small for those who are tall.


Another important feature is how comfortable it is to sit in the chair. If you want to enjoy massage for long periods of time, choose a full body massage chair with an angled back. If you want to avoid pain, choose a massage chair that offers head and foot recliners. Some chairs have adjustable arm rests, while others have a fixed backrest. When purchasing a full body massage device, consider the features it can offer you.

Music & other features

Another feature to look for is a music player. Some massage chairs offer Bluetooth pairing capabilities to play music. Some can connect wirelessly to your smartphone, but this can be inconvenient for some users. If you want to listen to music while you massage, a music feature may be important to you. However, it’s not essential if you don’t like the sound of the music.

Easy to Mainain

A full body massage chair should be easy to clean and maintain. Some models are easy to clean, while others require a significant amount of space. You’ll want to choose one that has a space-saving feature. Some models even allow you to listen to music while getting a massage. You may also want to choose a full body massage chair with Bluetooth technology. This feature can be beneficial in some cases, but it is definitely worth considering.


A full body massage chair should also have adjustable length and intensity. Most chairs come with adjustable speed and position settings, and a full body massage chair with multiple levels of customization is a great investment. Choosing a model that can customize the massage is an important consideration when shopping for a new chair. It’s also important to choose one that can sync with your favorite music. The goal of most of these devices is to make the user feel comfortable and to maximize the benefits they provide.

Some massage chairs have adjustable height and depth. You’ll be able to set the height and depth of the massage. A full body compression massage is another popular option. This feature improves pelvic alignment and reduces muscle tension. Other models are designed with chromotherapy and heated seats. If you’re interested in a full body massage, it’s crucial that you choose one that works well for you.

Zero Gravitry Features

Some of the chairs offer heat or cold therapy. Some zero-gravity massage chairs offer heating capabilities. While they can be helpful for people who suffer from back pain, they’re not good for everyone. In fact, it can add stress to the user’s body. If you’re looking for a full body massage chair, you’ll need to make sure you choose one that has zero-gravity seating.

Size and Colour

Airbags and kneading massage are both excellent for a full body massage. You’ll want to look for a chair with airbags as they increase blood flow and stimulate muscles. Some full body massage chairs also come with a kneading button. In addition, you’ll need to check out the size and color of the unit. You should also check for the price.

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