Best air coolers in India 2021

The Best Air Cooler in India 2021 is the one that will make you feel comfortable and keep you cool throughout the summer. There are many air coolers available in the market that are suitable to all seasons. This is the reason why the demand of the best air cooler in India 2021 has been steadily increasing year by year. People who love outdoor activities and parties are the ones who prefer to use the best air cooler in India. They find many advantages of using these coolers at home and resorts.

The best air cooler in India 2021 has certain features that will meet the requirements of a person who is planning to buy it. The best air cooler in india 2021 should have a minimum of eight feet of clearance from the wall over the water tank. It should be placed in such a way that when you step on to it, you feel the chill coming from the sides. It should have controls at the front that can be operated with ease. The controls should be placed in an easy reachable place. You should also go for a power consumption rate of around 20 volts of AC.

best air cooler in india 2021

There are many companies that will sell air cooler in India that come with warranties and provide you with a money back guarantee if the product is not able to serve the purpose as per the warranty. This guarantees you that if the product does not meet the need that you have asked for, you will get your money back within a period of a one-year. These companies usually have a reasonable service cost for the product.

A good air cooler in India should have an input of twenty-five square feet and should have a capacity of twenty-five cubic feet. This means that for every five gallons of water that the unit takes as input, it should be able to fill up an equivalent of twenty-five gallons. This means that if you want to cool down a room of ten square feet, then you should buy a device that has a capacity of twenty-five cubic feet. The coolers with higher capacities consume lesser amount of electricity as compared to those with lower sizes. In order to find out more about the specifications, you can conduct a proper research on the internet.

A person who is looking for the best air cooler in India should consider the two important factors of its speed and its rotational speed. Speed refers to the movement of the motor that it uses. The motor should be powerful enough to move the air smoothly. While the rotational speed tells us about the speed at which the cooler is rotating. A motor that consumes less energy and moves at a fast speed results in faster consumption of electricity.

The cooling mechanism of the air cooler should be such that it should have an attractive design. It should be designed in such a manner so as to fit in well with the interior decor of the room. If it does not blend in well, then it will become difficult to operate the same. Therefore, while buying a cooler, the buyer must ensure that it comes with attractive designs.

The air cooler pads are also very significant in ensuring the smooth functioning of the device. If the cooling pad is not strong enough, then there is a possibility of it wearing out very soon. Moreover, the water level indicator on the pad can also stop functioning. Hence, it becomes very necessary to buy such products that have reliable water level indicators.

Finally, while buying such cooling products, you need to check out whether they are highly durable. They must be able to withstand the rigorous working process. Moreover, they should be able to provide effective cooling throughout the year. Thus, if you are looking for such items in your local market, then you must simply select the one that has high quality components and high durability pads.