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Affiliate Booster Theme Review May 2022

Affiliate Booster Theme Review

Affiliate Booster Theme and Plugin for Affiliates

Source : Affiliate Booster

Everyone wants to be ahead of their competitor to grab the most traffic and boost sales in the affiliate marketing world. Further, traffic is also a factor of ranking on Google. If you follow the right path in the affiliate marketing industry, you must use the best products and services. You have to make sure that your website is responsive, mobile-friendly, and loading up quickly.

If your website is loading up quicker than the competitor’s website, it will get ranked on google. Moreover, you have to optimize your website to be snappy and deliver a smooth experience to the user.

To make a website mobile-friendly, responsive, quickly load, and affiliate friendly, you have to keep making customization and experimenting. However, if you are a WordPress user, you don’t have to make the extra effort and optimise the website. Thankfully, there is a WordPress theme in the market that can do all this stuff for you. You should install this theme on your website, especially if you are an affiliate marketer.

Before you go and check out the theme, let’s dive into our review of the Affiliate Booster Theme.

What is Affiliate Booster Theme?

Affiliate Booster is a WordPress theme. It is a mix and match of multiple plugins and is specially designed for affiliate marketers. The theme was released in June 2021, but still, there is no other competitor for this theme. Further, it is still gaining popularity among affiliate marketers, as the theme offers many features and benefits.

The Affiliate Booster theme does not only help you to make your website load up quickly and helps in making it affiliate content friendly. This also means if you are applying for an Amazon or some other affiliate account, the chances of getting approval is much more than other WordPress themes.

The Affiliate booster theme delivers quality over quantity. It has the best conversion rates, so if your website already has a lot of traffic but does not see a good conversion rate, you can install this theme to see a rise in conversions. This theme improves the conversion rate and helps you promote your products without any hassle.

Hence, it is one of the best and perfect WordPress themes for Affiliate Marketers to improve SEO, conversion, traffic, speed, and more. Moreover, the theme lets you customize your site at an advanced level to attract traffic according to your niche.

Overview of Affiliate Booster Theme

The first step in digital marketing is to have an excellent website. WordPress is one of the best ways to develop a website without knowing to program. You can install themes and plugins in which most of which are available for free.

Themes and plugins allow you to customize your website without any coding knowledge. You can customize the layout, smoothness, responsiveness, and animation of your choice without knowing about CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

However, you have to make sure you use the right theme and plugin to obtain the best possible results. Choosing the right theme and plugin is especially more important when you are an affiliate marketer and ensure that your website can handle maximum visits and clicks. So, the performance of your website needs to be high.

Here comes the Affiliate Booster theme and plugins. You must have heard about “Content is king“. However, if you don’t preset the content correctly, it will be a waste. The Affiliate Booster comes with 6 blocks that can be customized according to your requirements. All the 6 blocks are easily accessible in the free plan of Affiliate Booster.

Further, if you need more customization, you can go with the paid plan, which offers more interactive elements for your WordPress website. If you talk about the 6 free blocks, you get:

  • Star rating block
  • Comparision block
  • Pros and Cons block
  • Button block
  • Notice block
  • Notification block

All these 6 blocks are highly useful and can be a life saviour for beginners and users who are just starting their affiliate marketing journey. Moreover, you get optimised Schema and Microdata in the theme and the advanced typography to make your website look more attractive and catchy.

Affiliate Booster theme also has a custom colour control panel, which lets you adjust all the colours according to your requirements. And it has a flexible menu along with multiple home page layouts for advanced customization. The theme is much more useful than you think it would be.

Now, here comes the tricky question: If all users use the same theme, most of the websites will be common, and hence the website is no longer unique and attractive to users.

So, let us tell you that the Affiliate Booster theme comes with multiple advance customization, even in the free plan. You can make your website look responsive, unique, and affiliate content friendly with these customisation settings. Further, everyone has an equal chance of customizing the website in their style.

On top of that, if you are not satisfied with the theme customization settings, you can choose to go with the paid plan, which has a huge list of blocks for unique content orientation. Later, we will discuss more the paid plans.

Who are the developers of Affiliate Booster?

The Affiliate Booster theme and plugin was developed by the Affiliate Marketing expert, Mr Kulwant Negi. Kulwant is one of the most popular affiliate marketers on the Indian continent. Moreover, he is the founder and CEO of the Blogging case platform. Not just that, but he is the managing director of AffloSpark.

Kulwant has mastered the digital marketing industry and every other important aspect of it. He is a blogger, trainer, Affiliate marketer, YouTuber, Traveller, and Internation speaker. He is just 30 years old and has achieved so much in life. He started his blogging career in 2012 and have been topping the charts.

Kulwant has started Blogging Cage to inspire newbies, beginners, and newcomers to be top bloggers. He also trains newbies to start their first blog and how to write content. Moreover, Kulwant has interviewed a lot of famous personalities in the blogging industry to motivate beginners.

After training a lot of students, he realized that newbies are struggling to optimize their websites. He acknowledged the newbie’s problems and created this wonderful theme and plugin known as Affiliate Booster. Let’s have a look at how to use this theme.

How to use Affiliate Booster Theme?

When it comes to using the Affiliate Booster Theme, there is no technicality or complications. You can use this theme as you use other WordPress themes. However, if you are not familiar with how to use WordPress themes, let us have a basic knowledge about WordPress themes, and then we can move further towards the Affiliate Booster Theme.

WordPress themes are a skin for your WordPress website. However, they are more than just skin. By using a WordPress theme on your website, you can customize the visuals, fonts, and rest of the data on your website. Moreover, you can change the behaviour of your website. You can change the way your website interacts with a user when they visit your site.

We all know “First Impression is the Last Impression”, so it is not just a saying but has actual meaning. With the Affiliate Booster theme, you can enhance the user experience. To use the theme, you simply have to install it on your website (check out the guide below) and customize it in your own style.

Affiliate Booster theme has easy customization options to stand out from your website from the competition. You can make a customized website for different users according to the niche. Affiliate Booster theme has been built up with the latest and minimal programming, which remove any unwanted code from the site and make it lag-free.

Moreover, the theme has a lot of features due to which it is popular and trading. Find them underneath.

Features of Affiliate Booster Theme

The Affiliated Booster theme comes with a lot of features that are useful in different scenarios. Below, we have highlighted a couple of features of the Affiliate Booster Theme.

Super-fast loading Speed: The first and most important factor of a high-quality theme is the loading time. The loading time of your website is also the ranking factor, so it is extremely important to optimize your website for the fastest possible loading time. You will have to remove elements that are higher in size so that your website can become lightweight.

Most of the themes like GeneratePress is popular for faster loading times. Still, the theme removes almost every high-quality element, making your website look ugly, which is not the case with the Affiliate Booster theme. The Affiliate Booster theme does not remove all the vital elements from the website, and it just optimizes them by making them smaller in size.

100% Mobile Friendly: When it comes to a lightweight theme, then it must be mobile-friendly. Moreover, if you are using a lightweight theme that loads up quickly, then technically, it should be mobile-friendly. The Affiliate Booster is a quality theme, so it also offers mobile responsiveness. The theme is completely optimized from modern sized smartphones and does not look ugly whether it is a smartphone or a tablet.

100% Affiliate Friendly: You might not have heard about the term Affiliate friendly. Then please be informed that this is one of the first and the best theme for an Affiliate marketing blog. The theme is specially designed for affiliate marketing websites, and it does not have unwanted javascript, HTML, and CSS. It minifies the coding according to your blog and makes it affiliate friendly.

Not just that, if you install the Affiliate Booster theme on your blog and then apply for an affiliate account, then it is highly likely that you will get approval.

SEO & Schema Optimized: You may not know, but not all WordPress themes are SEO friendly. Only the themes which are designed keeping the ranking factor in mind are SEO optimized. Most theme developers advertised their theme with the “SEO friendly TAG“, which takes all the account. However, you will be surprised that most of the popular themes are not SEO optimized.

The Affiliate Booster theme is 100% SEO optimized. The theme is not just SEO friendly but also optimizes your worst content in a manner that looks good. The theme ensures that your site can be found in the real search results, thus it is optimized.

We all know that Schema is an improved version of SEO practices to rank your website on Google and other search engines like Bing, etc. The optimized Scheme technique of the Affiliate Booster theme makes your website visible to search engines. Thus, you get a lot of traffic.

Easy Customization Options: Most of the WordPress users of Affiliate marketers who are just entering the Affiliate marketing industry are not familiar with customization, making it difficult for them to make their website look unique and get more conversions.

The Affiliate Booster theme comes with easy customization settings, which are beginner-friendly. You can easily customize your website without any hassle and much effort. The theme comes with a page builder that is compatible with various other plugins.

Further, the theme comprises various widgets and colour options. By using the customization options, you can make your website Adsense friendly, which is not the case with other Affiliate friendly themes.

Huge variety of Templates and Layouts: Templates and layouts are a crucial part of any website. When you are trying to create an aspiring look for your website, you may need the help of pre-made templates and layouts. So you can customize them and make your own customized version of them.

The Affiliate Booster theme comes with a lot of readymade designs that you can use to start. Further, if you are a beginner, the readymade templates can be a life saviour for you. In the theme, you get:

  • 6 Homepage Layouts
  • 5 Single Post Layouts
  • 6 Header Designs

With these highly customized layouts, you can design a responsive website within minutes. Above all, you don’t need to have coding knowledge or even basic customization knowledge.

Beginner-friendly Interface: As we have previously discussed, the Affiliate Booster theme is specially designed for Affiliate marketers: both beginners and professionals. The plus point of this theme is that you get the typography control that most popular themes miss out on.

The typography controls give your website an aesthetic look and the customized menus, header, and footer. Moreover, you can thank the custom colour control panel, which lets you choose and implement the guidelines on your affiliate blog. The theme lets you ensure the best possible set of texts, hyperlinks, header tags, colour palettes, menus, and more.

It doesn’t matter you are a professional or a beginner. Such advanced controls give you the power to enjoy a professional website. Moreover, you save a lot of money on the intuitive page-build tools and developers.

Benefits of Affiliate Booster Theme

When it comes to the benefits of the Affiliate Booster theme, you will be surprised to know that the theme has many tempting features, which makes it the best affiliate theme of all time. There is nothing inherently wrong with other affiliate themes, but why would anyone for a premium theme.

Customized Layout: As previously discussed, the customized layout is one of the features that most premium WordPress themes offer, whereas free WordPress themes lack such features. However, the Affiliate Booster theme includes an easy user and beginner friendly customization panel, allowing you to make easy adjustments to fine-tune the look and design of your site without touching a single line of code.

Free of Bugs: The best part of why users pay a premium for a WordPress theme is that they don’t want to face bugs in their website and lose the money. However, this is not the case with the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin. You get a 100% bug-free theme. You get timely updates that ensure there are no bugs in the theme. Hence, you do not have to care about checking out the theme code for issues.

Technical Support: Tech support is a major factor in why premium themes are sold. Because those themes offer premium technical support to their users, you can personally email their developers or contact them with a live chat option. They will surely provide you with a solution.

The same goes with Affiliate Booster, as the theme comes with tech support for premium users. And if free users face some issues in the theme, they can directly contact the developer on the email.

Always up-to-date: Updates are a major problem with free themes. Due to a lack of funds, free theme developers usually don’t push regular updates, so the theme contains a lot of bugs, security issues, and other problems.

However, the Affiliate Booster theme comes with lifetime free updates. Free users can also update their themes without any charges. Further, regular updates remove any bugs, security issues, and other problems.

SEO Optimized: A common and most popular feature of any premium WordPress theme is that they have inbuilt SEO, which helps optimise the website and boost the rank on Google and other search engines. The Affiliate Booster theme offers SEO optimized layout, content, and look, ranking better in the top searches. Moreover, you get the latest and most SEO optimized elements in the theme with timely updates.

Affiliate Booster Plugin Features

The Affiliate Booster theme comes with free Booster plugins. There are no other affiliate marketing themes in the market that offer you such premium plugins for free. These free plugin can be a life saviour for beginners and newbies who doesn’t know much about optimization, approvals, landing pages, blocks, and more.

The Affiliate Booster theme gives you plugins for optimizing blocks, Affiliate Plugins to make beautiful landing pages. Below are the listed features of these free plugins.

Comparison Block: If you are willing to compare products on your website, the Comparision block is helpful. These blocks help your user choose the right product. Below is the Block Image

Item Description

Item Description


Good and Bad Review Block: These blocks will allow your users to save their precious time as they can quickly know the good and bad features of the highlighted product. Below is the Block Image

Main Title

The Good

The Bad

Pros and Cons: The Pros and Cons block is one of the most important blocks as most users look at affiliate websites. This block helps in generating a lot of conversions by adding Pros and Cons to the blog.



Other Blocks for Unique Design and Content: The huge list of blocks is the best thing that any professional affiliate marketer would appreciate about the Affiliate Booster theme. You get multiple blocks in the theme to create a showcase of your products in the content. These blocks allow your website to stand out from the competition and also a ranking factor. Here are all the blocks you get with the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin:

  • Single product block
  • Pros and cons block
  • Notification block
  • Button block
  • Good, bad block
  • Call to action block
  • Progress bar block
  • Conclusion block
  • List items block
  • Star rating block
  • Notice block
  • Comparison table block
  • Top picked block
  • Table of the content block
  • Coupons block
  • 3 premium tables
  • Single pros cons block

Please be informed that all the blocks in the theme and plugin come in different sizes and designs, so you get countless variations to showcase your content and products in the most efficient ways. Additionally, it gives a clean look to your website to optimize it for affiliated content.

Affiliate Booster Theme Pricing

The pricing of Affiliate Booster is one of the most exciting parts, as the theme has been priced reasonably well. This theme has 2 packs: An annual pack and a lifetime license pack. Here is what you get in the plans:

Affiliate Booster Annual License Pack (Theme + Plugin)

Single Website License$49/year
50 Websites License$79/year
Unlimited Websites License$149/year

Affiliate Booster Plugin Annual License Pack

Single Website License$29/year
50 Websites License$39/year
Unlimited Websites License$79/year

Which plan should you pick?

Choosing the right Affiliate Booster plan could be a tough choice. Most of the users get confused while choosing the plan, which is usual. After using this affiliate WordPress theme freely, we have concluded that anyone using free plans can upgrade to the paid plan. You should upgrade to a paid plan if you are getting a good conversion, traffic, and leads. But the question is, which plan you should pick?

Well, you can pick any of the plans according to your requirements. If you are just starting your affiliate marketing blog and looking for a good theme, you can use the annual single site license. However, if you are a professional who is already handling multiple profit-gaining affiliate blogs, you can upgrade to the 50 sites plan, which is worthy.

And we would not recommend anyone with less than 50 websites to upgrade to the unlimited website plan as it could be very costly for you. The 50 sites plan is more than enough for most users. But in the end, it’s your choice, and you have to make your own decision.

Who should get the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin?

Next is who can get the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin. To be honest, anyone who has a blog of the website can go for this theme. It is specially designed for an affiliate website. However, it performs really well in all niches. This WordPress theme is a great tool for managing your website, boosting sales, leads, and generating traffic.

Specifically, a beginner, professional, agency, affiliate marketer, and digital marketer can choose to go with this theme.

Affiliate Booster Theme Reviews

When it comes to Affiliate Booster theme reviews by users and us, then in one line: It is an excellent affiliate theme for fast loading, easy customization, responsiveness, customer support, and in terms of pricing.

Most of the users have found this theme very helpful in their beginner days. The only issue most users had reported about the theme was about the user interface. Users reported that the user interface needs improvements. Thankfully, developers head users and improve the overall UI. The final user interface of the theme is clean, minimal, and easy to use.

Affiliate Booster Theme Tutorials:

How to Add Table of Content in AffiliateBooster

Source : Affiliate Booster

How to Install Affiliate Booster theme?

First of all, you have to download the Affiliate Booster theme from the official page. After you have got the files, you can follow these steps.

  1. First, go to the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Under the WordPress dashboard menu (on the left side), hover over to Appearance.
  3. Under Appearance, you will see the Themes option so just click on it.
  4. On this page, you will see the Add New button, click on it Upload Theme, and choose the theme file you have already downloaded.
  5. After you have selected the file, it will be uploaded to the site.
  6. Upon uploading, you can activate the theme.

How to activate Affiliate Booster Theme?

If you have bought the license of the Affiliate Booster theme, you can then activate it.

  1. First, go to the official Affiliate Booster website and log in to your account.
  2. On the top, hover over to Your Account and choose the License option.
  3. Copy the license key from there and log in to the WordPress dashboard.
  4. Download the Kirki plugin, which helps in activating this theme
    1. The Kirki plugin can be downloaded from the official website.
  5. After activating the Kirki plugin, you will be prompted to paste the license code.
  6. Just paste the code and enjoy the theme.

How to install Affiliate Booster Plugin?

After you have successfully installed the theme, you can then install the plugin. To install the plugin, you first have to download them from the official website.

  1. Go to the official website and purchase the plugin.
  2. If you have got the plugin for free with the theme, you can download them on the official website.
  3. After downloading, go to WordPress dashboard and head over to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload Plugin, and then choose the file and upload it.


  • 100% Google SEO Optimized
  • Quick loading time
  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Easy customization options
  • Multiple templates and homepage layouts


  • Affiliate Booster plugins are incompatible with Elementor
  • Unlimited license is pricy


To sum up, the Affiliate Booster theme and plugin is a super-fast loading, SEO and Schema optimized WordPress theme for Affiliate Marketers. It helps you to create a beautiful affiliate website to achieve a great milestone in the industry.

Moreover, the Affiliate Booster theme is specially built for affiliate marketers to promote their products without any hassle efficiently. We recommend you try out this theme if you are willing to build a great affiliate website.

The plus poin of this theme is that it is available for affordable pricing, which is pretty reasonable to all marketers. So hopefully, you will like our approach and our Affiliate Booster review. You can check out the official page for the Affiliate Booster theme demo.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which theme is better: GeneratePress or Affiliate Booster?

When it comes to quick loading times, affiliate, content, SEO, Schema optimization, and mobile responsiveness, the Affiliate Booster theme is a clear winner.

Does Affiliate Booster support Elementor or WP Bakery plugin?

Yes, the Affiliate Booster theme comes with Elementor and WP Bakery support. The theme is 100% compatible with the Elementor page build, as most of the users love this theme for this reason.

Can you use Affiliate Booster Plugins with other WordPress themes?

No, you cannot use the Affiliate Booster plugins with any other WordPress theme. These plugins are only supported with the Affiliate Booster free and paid version.